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As a blogger, I find it essential to have an extensive collection of high-quality stock photos and images that I can access whenever I am ready to publish a new post.
Images are critical for catching the reader’s attention, adding some color to the post, and even helping with search engine optimization (SEO).
There are several ways to find pictures and graphics for blog posts, but not all of them are great options in the long run.
Here are the three most common ways bloggers search for images for a blog  post: 

1. Search Google Images

Google has a nearly endless collection of images from across the web. Find an image you like, and download it, knowing you may not have the rights to the image.

2. Find it on Flickr

Flickr has fresh images in nearly every category. Find what you need, download it and then when posting, it links back to the owner of the image.

3. Purchase Stock Photos

Pay a low price for the photo and own the usage rights.
Of the three common methods, personally, I prefer and recommend buying stock photos. Fortunately, I found Depositphotos 5 years ago and have been using them ever since. I already have 200+ images in my portfolio. I can download them to my computer and use them in my blog posts at any time.
You might ask,

Why would I pay for photos when I can get them for free through Google Images or Flickr?”

For me, the answer is easy.
“Free” isn’t really free. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to download an image from Google, post it to my website and then get a letter informing me that I am being sued by the owner of the image.
This happens all the time. Site owners usually have no idea what to do or how to get out of it. They end up needing to hire a lawyer or pay the person who holds the rights. After all, they downloaded and posted a photo that they didn’t have the rights to.
As for Flickr, it is an excellent source for finding new and original images, but there is a downside. You have to credit the author and list the URL with the image. This can really mess with the flow of content on your site. It is also creating an outbound link away from your website.

How Does Depositphotos Work?

Depositphotos is extremely easy to use. Just visit the site and search for the type of image you are looking for. You can search through popular categories or keywords. You can even filter your search with photos or vector images (a vector is an image you can resize easily and it still looks great!).
Once you find it, just make sure you have funds or credit on your account, which you can add via PayPal or credit card. Then download the image right to your computer in the file size that works best for you. I usually choose the file size just slightly larger than 1600×1024 since it is the least expensive and more than large enough for my blog.
Once you download your file, you can use it right away and on as many websites as you like. Your purchased images are stored in your DP account, so you can download them again and again.
Try them out – Depositphotos are terrific for bloggers!

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