How to Start Your Hosting Reseller Business and Make Money in 2022?

Reseller Web Hosting is a web hosting business model, which enables an individual or business to sell web hosting services of a third-party web hosting provider.

Is Reseller Hosting Profitable?

Reseller web hosting is very much profitable because one does not do everything from scratch to set up a web hosting business. An individual can easily sell the web hosting plan of other established web hosting companies without any hassle. The individual doesn’t need to provide after-sale service or support because it will be handled by the actual web hosting provider. One can only focus on reselling the web hosting plan.

Difference Between Web Hosting & Reseller Hosting

A normal web hosting plan is allowed to be used by a single person. It cannot be resold to other people because the server usage will get affected. There is no separate login for different domains and only one control panel is allowed for all domains.

Reselling hosting plans are specially created by the web hosting provider that wants to sell a hosting plan. It allows the creation of multiple control panel logins for different domains. Hosting can be set up for multiple domain owners easily.

How to Start Your Hosting Reseller Business and Make Money in 2022?

  1. Deciding Target Customer

Before you start your reseller hosting business, you should decide on your target customer. It is important because you should be able to resell your hosting plan to your target audience.

You can start by preparing a customer’s persona, which contains the age, sex, gender, geography & industry of the target customer. In this way, you can prepare a customized hosting plan according to their requirement and price.

  1. Choose the Right Reseller Web Hosting Provider

The most important part of your reseller hosting business is choosing the right reseller web hosting provider for you. The reseller hosting provider should be able to fulfil all the needs and meet the expectation of your target customers. They should have all the hosting features that your target customers are looking for in their hosting plan.

You can compare different reseller hosting plans of the various hosting providers in terms of features such as SSL certificate or uptime, benefits, how many sites can be hosted and cost.

  1. Create Own Hosting Brand

The next thing you need to do is to decide on a perfect brand name for your hosting business. It should be catchy so that people can easily remember it. After the brand name, you should get a perfect logo designed to go well with the brand name.

Then, you should get a website designed where the potential customer can visit, see hosting features and buy a hosting plan. A proper call-to-action button will help the online potential customers to easily take action by buying with a single click. The website should be secured with an SSL certificate for customer trust and connected to a payment gateway for billing purposes.

  1. Create Customized Plan and Market

Based on your target audience, create a customized plan for them and start targeting them with different marketing methods such as paid marketing and organic marketing. You can use both to get results faster.

Hope the above information will help you a lot in starting your reseller hosting business. Make sure to build trust with the customer and provide good support to your customer for successful and long-term business.

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